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  1. sweet, thank you guys. Looks like Hong Kong may be the route to go. They have better prices and shipping time than anything from Australia or NZ.
  2. I've been looking but so far only able to find the 25P PAL only or 30P NTSC only version of the A7s. I have seen screenshots and heard that there are switchable versions out there but have yet to find a sales person that can assure me that they have one. I shoot mostly in 25P, but sometimes do project in 30P and so it's pretty crucial to have both options. Anybody know? So far the model numbers as I understand are : USA/JAPAN NTSC : ILCE-7S ASIA PAL : ILCE7SB There is also a ILCE7SB.CE but I'm not sure if this is the world version or not.
  3. Which Pentax mount is this lens? Is the modification process pretty similar for fitting Pentax glass to a Canon EOS body?
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