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  1. Andrew - is the 103MB/s on the 5D3 exclusive of audio, or does that include the audio stream...I have not got access to a 5D3 right now, so I am not sure if they have audio working or not...I think it came and went in some builds....I will dig on the ML site,  but figured you know...I guess I really need to get your book anyway. I will try to do so soon...
  2. No worries! I just realized I screwed up and said 1.42MBs when of course it is 11.42MBs....somehow I dropped the leading digit when posting! My bad...:-) So yeah, about 90Mbs! It is so darn easy to get the bits and bytes swapped in typing.
  3. Just a picky note on an error/typo in the copy - in the article's fourth paragraph you say: "...inherits the 5D Mark III’s video mode with 90MB/s ALL-I codec.."   Canon specifies that the 70D produces full 1920 x 1080 16:9 HD at 24fps  All-I H264 video at a rate of 685 MB per min. This is about 1.42 MBs (rounded). The 5D3 is also specified by Canon to produce the same H264 spec video at the same number of MB per min. and hence the same rate of about 1.42 MBs.   So yes, both the 5D3 and the 70D have an HD All-I H264 video mode, and provide the same data rate in that mode, but it is not the same as the 90MBs Magic Lantern Canon 5D3 raw data rate.   Like I said, clearly just a mistake in the copy, as you literally 'wrote the book' on Magic Lantern 5D3 raw video...:-)!   I just think it may be worth correcting as I don't expect (but can't say without testing) that the 70D will provide a data rate to SD that is as high as 90MBs in any mode, though I am expecting it will be faster than older SD card cameras.      
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