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  1. Great news - glad they built in lens gears, not sure what Kowa was thinking with leaving them off their set. If this tests out well I may get one. M vimeo.com/mattuhry
  2. I agree with the article... I got one of the first BMPCC - it's able to produce great images but the camera is really only 65% done, the firmware only is barely functional... so many simple things could have been done in terms of button assignments and menu structure. Based on forum posts the've continued this pattern of neglect and pattern of strange ergonomics with their other camera products. I am skeptical that the URSA will ever be a finished product before the URSA 2 is announced. When I see audio levels and when the useless playback buttons on my BMPCC can change something important like ISO or Shutter angle I'll begin to revise my opinion. Oh yeah - will we be able to format our media on this camera or will that be forgotten too ? Not so sure about the 10" flip screen either, it's a solution to a problem I was not having. Matt Uhry www.mattuhry.com
  3. I'm glad I've finished my Kern Switar hoarding program before you wrote this article.   There's one important things you should include.   The lenses designed for a RX Reflex Bolex were built to correct for the optical problems induced by the 9.5mm thick prism that was used to split the light path to the viewfinder and film gate.    These RX lenses don't resolve very well and suffer from significant spherical abberation without the presence of the prism, it's most severe on the wides and when at the wider open stops.       Kern lenses that have the designation AR were designed for non reflex cameras and function like normal lenses, in most cases they offer very good performance... think 60's vintage leica M's... yeah that good.     I'm excited to try them on the Pocket.    Matt Uhry www.mattuhry.com
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