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  1. Wow, I've gotta say; thats one badass rig you got there! How would you say the anamorphic looks on the Black Magic? I don't know much about that camera, but wouldn't be such a bad idea to maybe try it out^^ :)   Jens Peder
  2. Well thank you Rob! I appreciate everyting you said, and I will definately look into more affortable ways of shooting stabelized shots on a budget! In fact, our previous movie (Full feature Sci-Fi: EVERYWHEN) we had a running sequence where we mounted the camera inside a car and then followed our actor for quite a while.. Turned out great and not a single shake can be seen!   Good to hear that the anamorphic looked great , especially from you guys! Makes me wanna keep making films in anamorphic, no matter how challenging it may be!   I desqueezed by setting the sequence width t
  3. Thank you people! Really appreciate the positive response here!   I agree, the acting is great! So lucky to work with those guys!:)   When it comes down to the flashlights, the car is in fact a civilian police car that we got our hands on (contacts^^), so the lights are about as close to the real deal as it gets! But you're right, it would look way cooler having a patrole car with huge flashing lights and a big sign that says POLICE. But oh well ;)   I think the de-squeezing looks about right, but i may be wrong... Maybe the lens was slightly tilted during shoot, and tha
  4. Thanks mate! Yeah, im aware of the "out-of-place running sequence", i wish we had more time to shoot that scene :/ but oh well, at least i'm glad you liket it! And yeah, it was a fight to set it up, pull focus and all that, but it worked out fine! :D   JARANDandJENS
  5. Hey there! After hard work, we’ve finally wrapped the production of our new short “RED WALKER”. And, of course, we’re crazy excited to hear some feedback from you guys :) The film is about 4 min long, featuring a Canadian actress, one from Norway, and another Norwegian with an acting background from New York. We shot it on Canon 7D with an Anamorphic adapter to get that cinematic analog vibe. If there’s any questions concerning the technical/visual aspect of the film, fire away! Here’s the short: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK2BuwH-4_M   I managed to get my hands on an
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