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  1. Ok i got myself the solution, based on what i have read on magic lantern here http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=5479.75 there are command options for RAW2Gpcf -l90 -- SI-2K curve -l400 -- Protune 12 stop optimized -l900 -- Protune 13 stop optimized while the last option does-t work the first 2 completely remove thee pink or magenta cast in highlight (when i work in my mac's FCPX too) Problem is a looot of noise in the shadow.. even at 100 iso. have you experienced such a big noise?
  2. Hi andrew, ok i use RAWANIZER with RAW2GPCF for converting. Than i import the cineform converted files inside FCPX and work on it. I discovered right now that if i play the cineform file INSIDE windows 7 (i have the software "parallels") with quicktime... i have no magenta cast. But inside my mac, where i use FCPX or even the mac version of quicktime i have thee magenta cast.. any problem with codec? do you work with mac?
  3. Hi Andrew, after converting the RAW to CINEFORM the workflow in your ebook.. i have a magenta color in the highlight. i attach screenshot. Does anyone experiencing it? https://www.evernote.com/shard/s52/sh/2270525f-9464-4969-a999-b794e391b4cf/3093230778a687237428e014e5cb88c1
  4. Hi Andrew, finally i have set up windows 7 and everything. I post the link of A) H264 normal clip B) Cineform converted C) single DNG clip opened in Camera Raw i have tried to increase the dynamic range working on shadow and highlights. Do you think is so big the difference, maybe the leverage is when color grading ?? Should i expect more dinamic range/details/postprocess-ability right? https://www.evernote.com/shard/s52/sh/70aeae19-b7a4-44d2-8790-4594609687cf/5c7b1f81496a8921a0c702057f5fc8e8 https://www.evernote.com/shard/s52/sh/7b28db21-92d7-4e65-a2cc-0e6957173be5/67cf88a9a778d38be6a1e1028029ad94 https://www.evernote.com/shard/s52/sh/f64c8d0f-be71-4182-8bcb-c15ec423ca29/fd933b106806de1113a22ff1ad958d8d
  5. Andrew, i wish i could download from somewhere a sample of RAW 5d mk III cineform converted footage to try it on my Final Cut pro X. Unfortunately right now i cannot have a virtual machine with windows on my mac.. But i would love to play with a cineform raw file to see how it can be handled by my machine on fcpx. Do you know where i can get some samples? thanks a lot!
  6. Ys Andrew i remember what John said on magic lantern forum.. croos finger. So i'll put on a virtual machine for Neumann's plugin. But i ve read the GOPRO cineform studio doesn't work on mountain lion. we still have some time consuming workarounds.. :)
  7. What i would really love is a way to convert to cineform on my mac with mountain lion, or eventually have a ginger plugin for FCPX do you think it will be possible in the near future?
  8. Hi Andrew. I want to purchase this RAW guide even do i find it quite pricy. I want to ask you this: due to continuous update in the workflow for MAC/Windows .. how often will you add update to your manual too? I am looking for a state of the art workflow.. because i produce a lot of stock footages.. so i wonder if you keep the manual update with yours and your community latest discovery .. well, thanks!
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