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  1. if i can recall 40mm on ASP-C (7D, 60D etc) But with proper mounting i think 35mm can fit too, but i can't verify this
  2. i've got a Anamorphic kiptar 2x for sale, all you need is a bracket to mount it, and some diopters, this one is special edition, and it has no focus scale on the anamorphic, meaning you can focus with your prime ;)
  3. I've got no experience with this; but since zooms are less sharp, i think it's not a good combo.
  4. He guys,   i've got a exclusive for sale, i've been holding on it for a while but i don't find the time to use it/utilize it.   I've got a Isco Gottingen / Kiptar 2x / Anamorphotic for sale, this is a special one, this one does not have a focus scale, it focuses from 2 meter, and beyond with a prime lens. Meaning that with a close focus / diopter you will be able to focus; closer and only with your prime. It has beautifull flares, and is crisp sharp at f3.5 true 5.6; Asking 600 $ USD I've had to make a new account, so no feedback / earlier posts.  
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