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  1. After reading this very fine article, I picked up a 50D on eBay for under $400. I have a 5D2 and a 5D3. Using the ML software, in the movie mode enable menu I only see two options; 1920x1080 30fps and 640x480. How did you get to the movie resolutions you tested in the ML menu?
  2. Thanks for posting this video test. Pretty comprehensive. I didn't even know the 50D before these latest developments. Looks like a great companion to my 5D mkII and mkIII. My issue with the 5Ds is the times when you need a longer DOF. I have considered the 7D, but spent that money elsewhere (on Rokinon cine primes), wondering whether a Rebel would suffice. I deliberated on the 50D for 24 hrs before ordering one on eBay used for $400. With all the hoopla on raw video, I bought a BMCC in March but sold it a month later. It was far from versatile, had very limited functionality and if you weren't committed to the raw workflow, shooting ProRes wasn't enough to make it worth it's limitations (not to mention the 2.4 crop factor with EF lenses). And low light capability was not good either, making slower zoom lenses useless without good lighting indoors. Rigging it up was gonna drain my wallet even more. Their new models were just announced and I wanted it out the door before losing too much $$. I kept Resolve though. I guess I sensed that other developments would open up the options for RAW shooting, but did not expect this one on an old model Canon. But man... this storage factor is not insignificant. My next significant investment.
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