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  1. After reading this very fine article, I picked up a 50D on eBay for under $400. I have a 5D2 and a 5D3. Using the ML software, in the movie mode enable menu I only see two options; 1920x1080 30fps and 640x480. How did you get to the movie resolutions you tested in the ML menu?
  2. Thanks for posting this video test. Pretty comprehensive. I didn't even know the 50D before these latest developments. Looks like a great companion to my 5D mkII and mkIII. My issue with the 5Ds is the times when you need a longer DOF. I have considered the 7D, but spent that money elsewhere (on Rokinon cine primes), wondering whether a Rebel would suffice. I deliberated on the 50D for 24 hrs before ordering one on eBay used for $400. With all the hoopla on raw video, I bought a BMCC in March but sold it a month later. It was far from versatile, had very limited functionality and if you wer
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