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  1. i got the Manfrotto 701 and shot this last week and finally put it together, thought i would share it with you guys! Do to back injury i haven't had a chance to shoot much but i found this snake in my backyard and couldn't resist, since i knew it wouldn't be moving for awhile.  I used my 50D and 100-400mm on the 701HDV and also used extension tubes to let me get closer than the 6 feet minimum focusing distance.     Overall i enjoyed it, now i need some comments or suggestions.  I think i have auto white balance on, so in the future i'm sure i'll have to change that.  
  2. I am thinking about going with the manfrotto 701HDV for $115 (after mail in rebate at BHphotovideo) and an arcatech leveling base (for $150) for a grand total of $270ish.  I will plop that on my manfrotto 055cxpro carbon fiber and i should be good to go.     Anyone think i should upgrade the head?  The other option i was looking at was getting the Sachtler Ace mid section tripod/head combo because i am working with a sachtler head for my video job right now and i think it would be comforting to use that, but i just wonder if the extra weight is going to make me go out les
  3. After thinking about it and considering that i just ordered the 50D, i will stick with that and practice for a few months and maybe by the end of the year or next year i will possibly look at the gh3 or pocket or anything else.  I need to get a good video head and a few other key things first i think, before i spend too much money and get crazy when i already have some useful gear that i can work with in my L lenses (16-35mm L f2.8, 24-105mm f4 L IS, 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L IS, 135mm f2 L, 40mm f2.8, 50mm f1.8, 85mm f1.8).    I have a decent tripod, a manfrotto 055cxpro 3 column
  4. any recommendations on a good card for this?  Are any more reliable for video recording?  I have a couple of sandisk 16gb 600x cards, need to get a few higher ones (a couple of 32gb)
  5. I guess, after thinking about it, i have a few basic questions:   what would be the best body and lens combination for around $2000-4000.  Needs: Long reach, any kind of autofocus before or while recording   Would you stick with a 5D II /50D and my canon 100-400mm EF L f4.5 - f5.6 USM Image Stabalized lens on a wimberley head or go with a new type of camera body and lens all together, or a combo of something.    Thanks!
  6. Oh hey, i just realized you are in DC. I am in Northern VA working for a small video production company there working as a photographer and learning video! Small world isn't it?!? Anyways the company i work for is stuck in the 90's, they barely have any digital equipment so i can't go to them with questions on DSLR video, or much else for that matter.. So with my little experience recording wildlife with the 5D II, it was somewhat easy because i could prefocus using autofocus and then switch to video and start recording, and maybe making fine manual adjustments as needed. I understand if
  7. Thanks for the reply, that video is really amazing, great job!  I forgot to mention that i also started shooting video for my job but there is nothing creative about it.  I want to practice and do things on my own (mainly wildlife and birds) so i thought i would look into using my 5D II or 50D since i have SOME good canon glass in the 100-400mm f5.6 and 135mm f2.0 and 1.4x III and 2.0x III extenders.  I am thinking about getting the 300mm f2.8 for photography, but i may get into video a little and want to invest in that.     Would it be possible to mount my canon len
  8. Hello all, i have been doing wildlife / birding photography for a few years now and i have always wanted to experiment with video and install magic lantern on my 5D II but have never gone ahead and done it, but i just picked up the 50D because of the possibilites of the raw video recording (and i needed to replace my old and beaten up 40D).    Anyways i really would love to get into film making, especially wildlife filming, but i don't know ANYTHING about the basics of filming.  I am wondering if there is a good guide anywhere out there.  I will be using the 5D II or 50D
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