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  1. Very exciting stuff great job ML. I'm glad I switched over to Canon, I've been telling my brother we should go Canon for a while and luckily he listened lol. I've been unable to see most of the footage due to problems with my internet, but what i have seen looks very promising indeed. Are there any updates on the 5d2? We mainly do music videos and would love to utilize raw shooting for them. How is the workflow though? I'm definitely not a pro when it comes to video editing etc but what do you do after you've shot the footage? I've read about the raw2dng but then what? Does it make a dng file per frame? Are you color correcting the dng(s) in after effects before converting them? Also how long does the conversion from raw to dng as well as dng to prores etc take? We have a pretty good comp hopefully it'll be enough for all of this. I know its a lot of questions but as you can tell we're still relatively new to video. If you guys can help us get up to speed I'd really appreciate it looking forward to checking out all the new vids.
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