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  1. ​I agree with you man.... I dont see 9 stops in nx1... I own a sony a6000 and I bet the DR in my camera ist better than NX1.
  2. this camera isn`t good for real videographes! not with the new gh4 around the corner. This videos doen`t show the real potencial or problems with this camera.
  3. I wonder if someone know how bad or good is this camera against Sony RX10 in video mode. stabilization system in both camera are amazing, but which one is better?
  4. Hi, thank for the review. I use mark III, just because this camera give to me a nice DOF, only for that reason, is the only reason i use mark III, I would like to buy a cameralike Sony Rx10 but with a full sensor.
  5. I want news about RAW in my 7D! Shoul I sell it and to buy a 6D. Well I wil do, but before I want to know from some oficial source if 7D can't make RAW video ... Thank.
  6. You right, I dont have any DSLR camera and I want to buy it, becuase its RAW video, but wchich one is better?. I Have to wait at least two couple of week to have enought information and tak a desition. Until there i will keep my old and reliable gh2. 
  7. I wont sell my old gh2 or I wont buy any new or old camera until I see Cinema Pocket Camera in action, after, I ll decide if I go for it, buy gh3 or go for any  DSLR Canon. But the most importan RAW camera is Black Magic
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