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  1. ProAV is a dealer in London and there is one in Europe too.
  2. Oh I see... Very sad. I was looking at the Leica SL I wonder if that would be a better camera to Hack. I was also thinking that the best contender for RAW etc would be the GH5.
  3. I know The magic lantern guys have been warned not to hack the EOS Cinema Range. But if the 1D C is EOL would it be possible to get away with it, now? Has anybody tired loading it to see what happens? Will the CF be faster than the 5D mk3? Most excitng to see it taken over by them and have 4K 14bit RAW continues recording.
  4. To go back to the CF SSD attachment research. It would be good if someone could develop a CF to SDi converter system so one could use a Gemini or similar for conversion to ProRes 444 or Cineform RAW. This would avoid the problem of power from the camera, Storage, manageability and NLE compatibility.   Question is is this doable. Didn't think so until I saw the picture of the soldering iron and the camera connected to a Hard drive in a workshop. Others have though along similar lines.
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