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  1. Personally, Im more than happy with what the 5d3 ML RAW is doing for me. Not one bit tempted to sell it for a gh4
  2. No its not, its a tirade of, at times like this, utter tosh
  3. "my early work as a cinematographer" Really? I had you down as a blogger who does camera tests and the odd amateur music video. Yes, I have seen your work. Seems like everyone's labelling themselves as a cinematographer these days!
  4. full review with some nice footage here: http://philipbloom.net/2013/12/02/part3-2/ gets to metabones adaptor around 14'30"
  5. lol..i guess it was intended as a mood shot, but really looked like the couple were annoyingly staring at the camera saying "get this the fxxx outta my face"...
  6. The emotion most corporate work tries to communicate is ‘grandeur’ and ‘awe’. Not for me really… I want to feel deeper and darker things… empathy with the subject, anger, vulnerability, happiness and despair. do you have any links to such work of yours. would love to watch. thanks.
  7. interesting visuals and concept, though felt it would have been much better suited to a music video.
  8. i would like to buy it, but am put off for the following reasons: 1. future updates. i remember seeing you say here you wont do updates, then on magic lantern forum saying you will email updates.. will these be made to the pdf itself, and we will therefore recieve revised editions. If this is the case will you wait for several updates, so as to do it at once or just the significant ones? As noted in the magic lantern forums, amidst much of the negative response fron members and developers alike, this will be outdated very soon, hence my concern. 2. There appear to be a couple of concerns within this thread alone, where members had to find their own solutions in the magic lantern forums, hence your catch phrase "never read another endless forum post again!" doesnt hold up. I do actually want to get this, but as i already have it up and running on my 5d3, id imagine its only for the sake of a few nuggets.. which may or may not be all that useful. If the updates issue was dealt with, id take the risk.
  9. the biggest issue for me is the zig zag verticle line issue, which ive noticed on several videos already, if not most. Even if it is only an artifact due to vimeo compression, its worrying because thats were most content will end up. Is there a workaround for this?
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