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  1. I got to disagree here, sorry. Particularly on the comparison of the 1DC to the MKIII. We have both and use them extensively.   The 5DMKIII's sensor was measured by DXOMark at 11.7 stops total. The 1DC gets around 12.5 in Canon Log at ISO400. It's not possible that the new 5DMKIII RAW has more dynamic range than the sensor is capable of seeing. I suggest you get a dynamic range chart before posting that sort of claim. :S   In reality, the difference in clarity is actually far greater than your crops show. As we punch in to 1.3x we are actually fighting a losing battle against the resolving ability of the glass. if anything, it should get relatively softer since the glass has been optimised to resolve detail at full frame. Apply sharpening to the LOG, as you have to, and those tests show how poor upressing is as a solution.    Sorry guys, not a 1DC fan boy upset about 5DMKIII RAW nipping at the 1DC's heels - I love the fact we now have a viable B cam for the 1DC on 1080P deliveries, but i've seen both first hand and you just cannot compare the 4K to the 1080P - it's not a fair comparison. The 5DMKIII RAW is great - but we're still rolling with the 1DC in Log simply for the ease of the post process in a high volume environment.   It's nice to want to believe that the 5DMKIII is almost a 4K beater. . .but it just aint the truth. . .yet! :) Still hoping the Magic Lantern guys bust it open even further and despite Canon's pithy threats, turn their attentions to the 1DC to see what they can do with some real horsepower. Fingers crossed.
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