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    Guy Calaf reacted to Andrew Reid in 5DIV full spec and full image leak   
    Yeah it's a codec that is as old as the hills and over it.
    No place for it in a 2016 camera.
    1D C in 2012 I could just about accept because it made for nice images.
    They are clearly crippling here... to protect the Cinema EOS range.
    If the XC10 can have 305Mbit/s XF codec for less than $2k then Canon can put it in their $3k DSLR... ZERO technical excuses!
    Panasonic had MJPEG for their 720p on the GH1, remember? It was considered the lower quality codec option even back in 2010!
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    Guy Calaf got a reaction from nathanleebush in Canon struck raw, EVF and brighter zoom from XC10 “for cost reasons”   
    Canon has the capability to really push its products and workflow forward but as you've been pointing out for quite a while now, it's going in the exact opposite direction. At one point last year I owned a C100, C300, C500 and two 5diii.  Needed them for work. Now I'm down to a C500 and one 5diii and I'll be glad when I'll have phased out canon all together from my workflow. The owner operator market needs smart, reliable tools that work and produce beautiful images. 
    I wish they produced 3 pro dslrs,
    1) a new super 35 1DC priced just bellow 10k,  with 10bit compressed 4k 60p, 2k 120p on two Cfast and the capacity to shoot 20mb stills. 
    2) a 5dIV, full frame with 4k 30p 10 bit and 2k 60p on the full frame, and stills.
    3) a better version of the 7D markII with a nice 10bit 2k 60p, and stills.
    C300 mark II could work, but no one has seen any real tests yet. The short film is non indicative of the camera's look. If I had to rely on that, it looks like a 4k version of the 8 bit 50mbs that the c300 shoots. Same hard fall outs, no creaminess, very plastic and video just as the c300 was. Raw on the C500 is nice but the worflow is not great and while laying out new products they should have updated their pathetic software and workflow. 
    I hope the rumors of a new beyond 4k C500 are not true, since Canon will not be successful in that market while making junkie cameras like the xc10. That's Arri and Red territory, and they don't make any crappy cameras. 
    I got good use out of the C500 with the 7q, but that's the last Canon Cinema camera I'll be buying.
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    Guy Calaf got a reaction from Andrew Reid in The impact of 5D Mark III raw and what does Vincent Laforet think of it?   
    whatever man. I had respect for this site, but you can go with the haters. BTW, My jobs have always separate sound with a separate sound mixer and boom operator. Simple image from the C system? Do you know anything about the C300? perhaps you should read some material about it before being so firm.
    Raw whatever. I am a still photographer as well. If I need raw I rent or buy a RED o similar. I'm certainly not going to rely on my flimsy 5DIII for a job that requires me to shoot raw. That is a professional contradiction in terms. 
    My last post here. Hate at your pleasure. 
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