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  1. You're right... thanks for the advice!   Whilst we're on the topic, are you able to advise me on a camera that would cut fairly nicely with the C100, for under £1000. It's for events videography... sorry to hijack!
  2. It's really because the 7D just doesn't cut well with the C100 and Ninja. The image stinks when compared.
  3.   Have to agree, this is what I shoot with and it's more than enough for me for most of my work! I am incredibly excited about this hack coming to the 7D though! I wouldn't be using raw for 90% of what I'm paid to shoot, but for music videos and personal projects, raw would be great.   If raw doesn't come to the 7D within the next few months, I'd be tempted to sell it for a GH2...
  4. The CF card adapter to SSD is really interesting! I know you said they're hard to get hold of, but has anyone on the ML development team mentioned this as a viable option? This could be the answer!
  5. Once again, this news has completely slipped me by! Let me get this straight... There is a £600 camera, that can do burst mode raw stills up to 60fps? What is the current duration of the capture in seconds?
  6.   Fair play this is a really interesting point! Wonder if there is scope for a CF to some sort of external recorder/HDD adapter?
  7. In the last few days, both Andrew and Luke have cleared my 'video/filmmaker' bookmarks folder in one fell swoop! The pioneering attitude and spirit to accepting this amazing development is utterly refreshing. The other bloggers' (you all know who!), have become stale and self indulgent.   I personally, don't yet have the need to shoot raw, as my work doesn't require it... (yet!) I shoot on the C100, 7D and the Sony F5 of late, yet I still find this development one of the most important of at least my career.   Hats off to Nuemann Films and EOSHD, you guys will absolutely be my future go tos!
  8.   I don't want to have to replace my 7D with a 5DmkIII, but that might be the case!
  9. I must admit I didn't really know about this site before all this RAW news, but I have to say it's been a delight to read. I love Andrew's style of writing and the general atmosphere on the site, a perfect balance of technical knowledge and artistic skill.   Good work Andrew!
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