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  1. I bought a 600D (T3i) earlier this year because I wanted an affordable first camera for learning to shoot indie movies, with the intention to move up to a 5D eventually.   I've shot a few short movies with it, and the results look very nice on a 80 inch screen.  I shoot at 1080p, 24fps. Would shooting raw at 720p and then upscaling to 1080p yield a better looking picture than what I currently do which is to shoot 1080p with the H.254 codec?   Another question I have for the experts here is, given the reported hardware limitations in terms of memory controller bandwidth of the 600D, if it is impossible to shot RAW at 1080p, could it be possible to replace the codec for a better one such as ProRes 4444 or CineForm 444?   In the meantime, I'm starting to save for a 5D Mark III :)
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