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  1. Hello, Why I didn't shoot on full hd mode 1920X1080 I have a card cf lexar 16GO 1000X   I don't understand  thank you for your reply 
  2. Hello, ok thank you so much for your answer !! I try right now :-) thank's again man -:)
  3. Hi Andrew !! How you expose perfectly the scene or what is your setting to have the image like this one, not darker and not yellow ?   I try to shot in raw, but my rushes are so dark and yellow :(
  4. Hello, can someone help me ? I have a problem with raw, when I shoot on my screen, the exposition os good, the color space it's ok too, I put all my image in flated mode. But when I export my raw files on photoshop, the rushes they so dark and so yellow  I d'ont understand why ,can someone help me ?    here the jpg, raw not retouched, she's so dark and yellow   http://www.sheitanphotodirector.tumblr.com/image/51170007310
  5. Great video , I have a question buddy ! Me when I shoot in raw mode, my rushes are so dark but when I shoot in livewiew the exposition its ok but after the rushes in photoshop is so dark ! do you have the same thing ? 
  6. This video is so amazing, incredible !! I'm jalous :-)  I try to test raw on mark III but my rushes are so dark and so yellow on the tone skin ? why ? someone to answer me ?         Thank you guys 
  7. Another question, when I record in raw all it's ok but when I want to stop the recording, I click on the recording button for stoping and the camera crash, she freeze and I need to take off the battery ! can you help me ? Thank's again !!   It's ok for my last question :-)   Just another question ! Why I have dropped frames with a 1000x card 16go in 1980X1080 and 1280X720 in 24 and 25 fps ?    I hope somebody can answer ! Thank you so much.
  8. Excuse me Andrew, I don't found the links to the newest version of Raw2DNG which fixes the 2GB bug. Can you help me please ?  thank's so much
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