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  1. The people with the guarded response to the raw file developments with the EOS cameras likely get some compensation from equipment manufacturers that they won't get from free software for the EOS bodies.   If you go to cinematography forums, you don't always hear and see so much talk about cameras, because there is so much more to filmmaking. The common equipment bloggers are not so well known in those forums and in many cases derided as receiving some compensation for their constant equipment promoting or just not really having the experience as long time cinematographers. A photo of someone standing next to a camera they don't even use was one example of this that was discussed.   So is a lot of the equipment they tend to promote.   This firmware is in its infant stage. Every day more improvements in workflow and programming happen. Truly an independent labor of love free from the commercialism that in many cases stifles true innovation.   Canon would likely benefit by embracing this effort. I recently purchased 2 eos bodies and 4 lenses so I could benefit from the magic lantern firmware. It's not likely that I will ever buy a C500 or any other camera that will be worth about 1/2 of the retail cost 2 years from its original availability, magic lantern or not.   However, if they ever manage to hack the C-300 in the same way I might consider buying a used one.
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