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  1. I rented this combo over the weekend, and discovered a problem I'm hoping you can help me solve. When shooting with HDMI monitor (SmallHD DP6) with Lumix G7, the video feed is replaced with text message "Now recording video." This makes it unusable for me, since I need to monitor externally while rolling. Is there a setting I'm missing to bypass, or is this a "feature" that Panasonic has to push us upmarket to GH4?
  2. The built-in benchmark tool on the build that Andrew posted is really handy. My Lexar 32gb 1000x card benchmarks at 93MB/sec. With this card, I'm able to get predictably good takes at 1920/720 but when I try going to 1920x1080 I run into problems on all but very short clips (the raw file won't open). Thanks for the tip about the Komputer Bay cards. I just ordered the 64gig size and am hopeful this will allow me to shoot longer clips at 16x9. I'm still in shock over what this means for the quality of image I'll be able to produce. Thank you Magic Lantern! And big thanks to Andrew for posting the simplified version. That's what really made it accessible to me.
  3. Yes, all of the ones I'm having this issue with are in excess of 2gb. You recommend shooting very short clips only? 
  4. OK I'm getting beautiful raw footage, breathtaking, wow.    Thank you for making this accessible Andrew by compiling this package.    One thing I'm stumped by: I can convert the first file just fine using raw2dng, but all subsequent files give me this:   Error: This ain't a lv_rec RAW file ls: *.dng: No such file or directory Nothing converted   Is it required to reset something between each take? 
  5. Hey! That did it. Thank you. Off to play with my new Red...errr, 5dmkiii. 
  6. Thanks Andrew, I see the Raw2dng for mac now. However, when I drag the raw files on it, I get this error.      usage: dirname path Error: /Volumes/MyDrive/dngls: *.dng: No such file or directory Nothing converted   I tried creating a directory named dngls as it appears to be looking for that, but that didn't work either. Do the raw files and Raw2dng have to be located in a particular place to work? 
  7. Awesome tutorial. I'm up and running and making raw video on my 5dmkiii! Thank you for putting together this one-stop method for getting up fast.    The only missing link for  me, a Mac user, is converting the files into DNG. Is there a Mac option for this? 
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