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  1. When watching all the Youtubers hanging out in Hawaii, you know it smells like a full on bribe in the face of camera justice. It's simple, we're living in the age of me, myself and I. Grab what you can grab and a free trip to Hawaii is of course a great grab. Free! to Hawaii! Are you kidding me? I would do the same. I would even throw in an amazing review. Live from Hawaii to show the world how awesome I am in this camera world. I would be inner circle and rub shoulders with the hardworking people from Canon and not to mention the rest of reviewers on Youtube. Hell, I would make new friends with other 'grab this opportunity' reviewers. Wow, live doesn't get any better...... Unfortunately, the cameras sometimes don't get any better either. I guess we need you, Andrew. We really do. To give an honest, critical and technical sound review of a camera and its possibilities. I thrive on our opinion. And I know about spending money for trips to Iceland. It's worth every penny to invest in those experiences. As I learned from a wise american a long time ago: Free is not a concept.
  2. Just became a member because I have a stupid question: Where do I download the darn ML software? Just spend a fortune on transcend cards and I'm ready to roll! And another question: why is everyone so insecure about the difference between a bmcc and a canon? Did you ever try working in Davinci? Just toss your canon or whatbrand recordings in any editor and enjoy the fun of creating footage. Compressed, uncompressed, who cares? Go out and create. (Or film leaves blowing in the wind) Interesting, or sure. Thanks for letting me know the download option or this ML stuff.
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