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  1.   though i´m a 5d mark3 owner, i absolutely agree with you. for the most paid things the 5d mark raw is not a solution. even if the hack gets stable. the data rates alone make it impossible to use for documentary shooting for example. i´m really happy that this hack exists and i can play around with it but let´s see if it becomes a good way to work. i doubt it.  i also think you all should not blame canon so much. it´s a normal strategy for companies to offer different product for different prices and costumers. for example i know somebody how works for bmw in the development. the 316, the 318 and the 320i have the same engine, they just crippled the lower end engines and sell them cheaper. it´s more efficient to produce a higher number of engines and make them less strong for lower end cars, the to produce 3 different engines. all bmw would be much more expensive if they would produce 3 different engines. even if canon  would would use the same sensor in the 600d and the mk3, i would still buy the mark3, because i want a magnesium body and not a plastic camera. for example the canon ef 50mm 1,4 and the ef 50mm 1,2 are both very good lenses. but the 50mm 1,2 has a much better build quality and a bit better image and it costs 5 times the price. but if you work every day with this lens and earn money with it, then you maybe wanna buy it. i don´t start thinking is this really 5 times better then the 50 1,4? or is canon a greedy bitch because of this? i just think about if the things, this pro lens offers, is worth the more money for me personally. it´s easy like that. i mean who would think the 5d mark raw is the right tool for one when he works every day with it? and i don´t mean making test shots and playing around. this is important to do and i´m really thankful that it´s been done, but if i can get a nearly the same image quality then the mark raw with a proress codec, and a good handling of the camera and the post workflow. this doesn´t sound too bad for me. it´s really funny that everybody buys canon and complains about them at the same time... lol
  2. you are absolutely right. it´s a waste of time.
  3. is there anything new known of this vertical lines phenomenon. i have seen them in a lot of videos when the focus is at infinity and the sky is grey. for example in this video at min 2:17. i wonder if this is reproduce able. because i have seen also videos which have no vertical lines in the same conditions.   https://vimeo.com/66480704
  4. you have to read between the lines you dump. i think i can say my opinion on this forum and i dont give a f... about what you are thinking. if i think this lens is not good for what i´m doing, don´t you think i can say that? open your eyes and look at the edges of the frame. what happens there might be ok for you but not for me. buy yourself some glasses hobbit.
  5. thanks for the comment. i´m soooo sorry not to have the same opinion than you........
  6. i don´t really like the anamorphic lens. there is too much weakness for me, especial in the corners. the quality of the 5d mk raw is amazing but i prefer modern lenses which perform really god. i don´t need this nostalgic retro trash look...
  7. i know that it wasn´t known at that time but now it´s the right time to say that the raw hack is huge and not this overpriced gyro rig...
  8. it´s really funny. MÖVI is the biggest thing in film industry since the 5d mk2. compared to the raw hack for the mk3 it´s really a joke. laforet should say this. or he will loose his credibility. i think it´s really a ego thing. for sure the 1dc was until now a very good camera, besides it´s very high price, but now it lost a lot of it´s worth and if you are a 1dc owner, for some people it´s hard to say, "ok maybe i spend a few dollar too much for it". but i think people like phillp bloom and vincent laforet should really stay neutral because it´s their job and a lot of people listen to them. maybe not to laforet. he takes money from manufactors. and since the mövi thing nobody really listens to him:)
  9. i really don´t know what you are talking about. ML is able to record RAW to CF cards. they are not able to process something else to the card. i would also like to see a mk3 doing really good 422 proress on a cf, for better workflow. and i would also like the sun to shine the whole year, but this will not happen. what has happened is that ML IS ABLE TO RECORD RAW WITH THE 5D MK3
  10. here i found an adaptor extension for cf slot. if i could connect this to a cf--->sata adaptor, i could use ssd drives with my 5d mark3. that would be great!!!##   http://www.esskabel.de/adapter/datasheet/ada-compactflash-extender-0430ffc/
  11. does anybody know if it´s possible to build a connector from cf card slot to sata. i think about running a cable out of the cf slot from the mk3 to a ssd drive. then we could use ssd´s direct with the 5d which would be awesome. there are adaptors from cf card to data but i could not find the other way around. maybe the powering of the ssd would be a problem. could also be that the power from the cf slot is enough. the power of an usb is enough...   http://www.amazon.de/SATA-adapter-card-ID10232-PA5022/dp/B00530S5P4
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