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  1. Excelent post! I think nikon, canon, etc, is losing the oportunity of selling smartphones aimed to photography enthusiasts. Now apple, google, samsung, etc, offer devices capable of manual exposure and raw.
  2. Much better, after the updates! Thank you for giving more time on it. The impression that I had is that CM1 should be more of a smartphone with a camera (like lumia 1020), than a camera with a smartphone (like galaxy k zoom).
  3. 1st: I am an android user but I do not hate iOS. I think it's great, actually. 2nd: Samsung's TouchWiz are the android's shame. That's the one I really hate. 3rd: I had got what you said about your idea for panasonic. I just expected you to see that this isn't even possible. It's easier for you to suggest kodak or polaroid to do so.
  4. I think it was your worst review so far. Your ideas about what panasonic should have done... Seriously? And android tacky... Wow.
  5. I think that a way to put this in test is just compare the amount of noise of a 1920x1280 fullframe raw with a 1920x1280 1:1 raw. Can anyone do this?
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