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  1. Well here's my 2 cents. A is RAW, B is video. The cooler white balance of B is a red herring. A has way more depth and resolution. B is thinner and sharper. If I am wrong I'll eat my hat which is made of fine dark chocolate.
  2. Andrew you are really a huge help for us all in making sense of this difficult trade. Thank you! I have a question about the dynamic range comparisons. Where do you decide the middle is for each camera? I assume you did that because neither the highlights nor the shadows match for any of the cameras. My thinking was that if I matched them all for the highlights or for the blacks, then you would see the difference at the other end of the curve. I know exposure is such critical thing, a third of a stop makes a big difference one way or another, so if the cameras don't match in the blacks, how can you decide if they are blowing out comparatively in the highlights?
  3. I would like to know if the camera also outputs 1080 flavors in 10 bit 4:2:2? Thanks,
  4. This is wonderful new. It's early days but I do notice what looks like some kind of interlace or Line skipping artifacts. Can you comment on this at this time?
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