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    If you're going to shoot weddings on Canons, check out Stillmotion tutorials on Vimeo. The 5D has a very flattering image with a shallow depth of field that makes the footage look very fashionable if matched with fast primes. Get a 24, 35 and 50mm. It's also a rugged camera and looks "Pro". Make sure to get a LCD loupe for better focusing.

    If moire patterns of the Canon concerns you then a GH2 with SLRMagic or Voigtlander primes could be an option. When hacked the GH2 provides continuous recording (not sure if the 5DII can too with Magic Lantern).
    Another camera to look for is the upcoming Panasonic G6 that has the same video quality as the GH2, but with better a LCD, 1080 50/60p and focus peaking. Both cameras have a swivel LCD and an EVF, an advantage compared to the 5D. Get 12, 17.5 and 25mm primes.

    Manfrotto 561BHDV and Merlin are battle tested in wedding situations. Good choices :)
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    Thanks Julian! I'm sold :) This is everything I wanted in a GH2 upgrade minus having the SD card next to the battery. Better get some 128Gb ones :) I already have continuous power solutions for the GH2, so this is gonna be perfect for event shooting. Any idea whether G6:s bought in Hong Kong will have the PAL 29 min time limit?
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