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    joshi reacted to Wit in Native ISO on GH3?   
    Digging further into the technics behind DSLR filming...
    So there happens to be a Native ISO for each type of camera. This particular ISO settings gives the best images with the least noice. It also determines you ISO stops. I found out that the best ISO stops for a Canon are 160, 320, 640, 1250, and 2500 - avoiding 125, 250, 500, and 100.
    Does anybody know the best ISO stops for the Panasonic GH3? 
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    joshi reacted to MOONGOAT in Native ISO on GH3?   
    Do a lens cap test and find out yourself. Doesn't take too long.
    Record 10 seconds of footage with the same settings at each ISO with the lens cap on. The results might surprise you. I've found with my GH2 ISO 1250 is cleaner than 250.
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    joshi got a reaction from Rungunshoot in d5200 hack   
    I shoot with D5200. 
    when using manual lens, i tried de-clicking the lens... (turning it back from the perfect fit position)
    so that the electrical contact is broken, while the lens still fits the body nicely... 
    I could easily change the aperture ring and the effect was clear in the live view :-) 
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