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  1. True. But not all the time our client commissions high budget TV spots, sometimes it is just small promo, and client asks us to give something under $10k. For this kind of the job 5d is the best tool for us. And now imagine with 5d raw the low end commercial can look like high budget spot. At the end everyone is happy. If the raw will be rock solid I will take it to high end shoot (I think raw 5d deserve it :) ) I don't mind get out somewhere in mountains or seaside with my close friends and shoot some raw stuff. If the 5d raw can handle some high temperature on a beach and the Buffer w
  2. If there is no real time playback... the whole thing is kind of useless for TV spot production work. I hear people say, that shooting raw is expensive and they count the  dollar per minute cost, but I would buy most expensive cards on the planet and have my money back in a couple of days of shooting, because instead of renting Red Epic (600$ per shift) or Alexa(1000$ per shift),paying camera technition (200$ per shift) and SDI field monitor (60$ per shift) I just bring my raw 5d, shoot the commercial and go back home to make family pictures and videos with the same to
  3. Hi, Andrew! Thank you for such a good news! That is a big pro feature add to the 5d. Magic Lantern teams rocks! But... is there a way to playback the raw in camera real time? I mean the playback is the essential thing on a set, otherwise you really don't know what you have shot...I hope the ML will consider it too. For now I would stick with normal mushy 5d III, and RED's and may be one day my own BM 4K.
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