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  1. Hey Ed,

    I've been doing a forensic evidence search through some of Ebrahim's posts. Really annoying thing to have to do, but someone's been shitting in our pool, and I kinda like this pool. I'm going to keep quiet for a few days to see if he coughs up the cash, but even if he does I think he should be outed as a fraud, especially considering even if he pays back the money he's still going on with the hack charade. Here's some stuff I found in his posts:

    Oct 12 2014: “I own a D5300 (my favourite image) and a 60D (my favourite dedign), 600D,1100D for backup. And as much as it is embarrassing to admit, I just preordered a 7D mk II. Don't ask.”

    May 18: Ebrahim started a thread: Canon 1DX-II vs. 1DC - Which one would you buy?
    In the first post he said: “I am torn between the two”

    Feb 1: Post on 1DxII specs “Canon went full in. I just wish they do the same for the 5D IV that I can afford and not cripple the video mode.”

    Feb 23: “Since it looks we'll be shooting Technicolour Cinestyle on the 1DXII if we want a LOG workflow,  This is trying Cinestyle on 1DC. 

    Those shots look like upscaled Canon 1080p H.264 to me, not 1DC 4k.

    Feb 26: “Using the camera now on rent the problems are really for me only a few dealbreakers when I'm paying this much for my personal camera” and “No, I don't think the 1DC is good value, not something I'll buy. I'll wait and see the 1DXII which supposedly fixes all my issues and is 2000$ less. “

    May 24:  “If I buy the 1DXII I'll be pulling focus with the touch screen more than the focus ring I am sure”

    May 29: “I have been testing that signal a lot lately on the 1DC.”

    June 1: “I’ll get the 1DC now. Made my decision for me when I am setting on my  couch! Thank you ALOT. You're a very valuable addition to the forum. “

    July 5: “It's my favorite camera (1Dc) of all time and I spend a lot, and I mean A LOT to get one for my company, triple the price of a new unit (country customs) reproaching epic/F55 territory in price.”

    July 9:  “The 1DC is a LONG and SLIM camera! Nothing funnier than how it looks with my Ninja Blade on the hot shoe. VERY awkward to hold.”

    July 11: “I've shot 35mm film for decades…”  and “If these differences don't make a difference AT ALL then I have wasted A LOT of time and money shooting on the 1DC and could've just shot the a7s MK one since the day it came out”  and “filming is a hobby that I enjoy besides my work as a hospital ER physician/Senior PhD Radiologist”

    I find it more than a little strange that there’s no unboxing shots, no first footage, no “hey guys guess what I got”. My take is Ebrahim (21yr old student) has been playing us from the start grabbing info off the web and passing it off as his personal experience. The kid’s an attention seeking wannabee. I haven’t come across anything he’s shot, no camera tests, nothing but talk. I reckon he ripped those guys off so he could buy a better camera, and all he's ever shot on is a D5300 and a Canon APS-C DSLR.

    What a pain in the arse. And WTF is Andrew doing?

  2. User's Bloom right?

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