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  1. Andrew's still from the footage looks amazing. I wonder how realistic it is to think about using ML and a 5D mkIII for longer form work - that is to say shooting plain vanilla 1080p, in mpeg mode, for things like docs and corporate work. For some jobs, the whole raw conversion isn't feasible time wise, and many clients will be unwilling to get a bill for the extra computer time. I'd be very interested to see some 1080p mpeg stuff, and also any rough ideas on how much space on a cf card it will eat up.
  2. Not quite sure how Abrams merits this amount of hostility. I think he's more talented than any of the directors they used on the 'good' Star Wars films, and if you think it's easy directing on this scale then you're out of your fucking mind. When I want popcorn, I like to see an Abrams movie. If I want 'soul' then I'll be sure to choose something else.
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