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  1. Okay, when I started working on this film I new I wanted to shoot anamorphic but I was entirely not acquainted  with doing so. I found a place to rent an ISCO from for a pretty decent rate and just jumped in. There was enough time before shooting was set to start that I could do a very decent number of tests to get comfortable with the system.    At first I was not sure which camera we were going to be going with so I tested a few. This was the first video test we did. It was the ISCO with a ISCO 35mm mounted on the 5D MKII with a Small HD DP4 on top. I just put the entire thing on a pistol grip and went out into a field and shot handheld. I knew after this test this was going to be a blast. I had no plan on what we were shooting that day, the lens had literally just arrived and we rushed out to catch the sunset at golden hour. I wanted to get some idea of how it looked so i could start making decisions.    https://vimeo.com/49436068   Then after that test I got access to a FS100 and decided I'd give it a go with that but had not really tested anything with it, or seen anything. Then I stubbled across this video: https://vimeo.com/28203770     and knew that I had to shoot with the FS100. And following that decision we shot this simple test video. The only lit segments are in the kitchen. Which have a 575 HMI through a silk coming in from a side window. Flashlights and such were placed intentionally to test the flare intensity.    http://vimeo.com/49528017 After I made this decision, but before shooting on the film "seek" started I was commissioned to shoot an action adventure in the style of the goonies. We were planning on using the FS100 with the ISCO and shooting was going to happen over the course of 4 weeks. Sadly this project was cancelled, but I brought the FS100 along with me for initial location scouting. These shots were done for the sake of feeling out the space and I did them as quickly as possible. This was thrown together for the director to get a sense of what choices we had open to us. Watching this still pains me I did not get a chance to shoot this film. The FS100 would have been a spectacular fit for it too. (and would have been super convienent since I already had the FS100 for a long term rental)   https://vimeo.com/52070462   Working with this setup was a fantastic experience. It was not without its difficulties as getting used to using diopters and an achromat was quite the learning curve. It came with +1,+2,+4,+10 diopters. This thing could get amazingly sharp macro focus shots. This mantis was only the size of a dime, and here it fills the entire frame. Crazy.          Let me know if anyone wants anymore details. 
  2. Sure!   I'd be happy to post a detailed explination of the process when I can if people are curious. I know I was suspicious of the process when I got into this because of the fact that I could not find anyone that had shot a film longer than a few minutes with one of these lenses. If you have the right pieces the ISCO is amazing. Perfect edge to edge sharpness.
  3. Thanks guys!  The film has already won best of festival awards and Best Short awards at two festivals....and its not even in its final cut.  We just rendered the final copy out today. Its total runtime is about 17 minutes, and it was shot entirely using an ISCO anamorphic set.    Heres some more stills from the film.   
  4. For some reason I was locked out of my account. Not sure why. I am AdamCinema.   Anyways, I buckled down and rented an Iscorama 35mm and 50mm. Really nice little kit, and I shot my entire senior thesis with this lens.    The kit came with 4 diopters and an Achromat in addition to the lenses. I really wish I had, had the money to buy it after I rented it. Here are some stills from the film.   
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