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  1. Dies anyone know anything about these CF cards? Apparently there advertised at 1333x speed.. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B003G4L91Q/ref=redir_mdp_mobile/280-6770792-1341862?creative=22218&creativeASIN=B003G4L91Q&linkCode=asn&ref_=asc_df_B003G4L91Q13442407&smid=A1F8YGP86NG3IP&tag=shoppingmp124617-21
  2. Hey Andrew, You talked alot about up scaling the 5D footage. Do you believe we won't see a 2.5k raw output for the 5D MK III? You think we might of hit a bit of a ceiling on the 1080p raw? I know the main restriction seems to be CF card speeds. Anyone tested prospec cards ? They are advertised as 1010x
  3. Can I ask about the shutter. You have said that the BMCC has the advantage of the 'Global Shutter'. Whats the difference between that shutter and what the 5D III has?
  4. Does anyone know what the difference to moire/aliasing is now shooting raw? I remember people were removing the AA filter at one stage when they bought the MK III
  5. Can I just say a big thankyou to people like Andrew Reid and Luke Neumann who have been champing what ML have been doing.   I was very surprised to hear PB very very very long blog trying to convince people that raw is a hassle (I really dont feel like it is) and found it crass that he breaks up his paragraphs by trying to sell stuff. I left a comment telling him that and in return I got a personal email back  asking 'explain myself'. I sent him a reply saying Im a fan of his sites and a regularly follow what he does but I dont understand why he has to break up his blog with all his ads? Why cant he just have them on the side? Well I got a rather snippy email back from him and I thought better to email again as im getting to old for email wars! He then posted it on his blog as if to make an example of me. felt a little thrown to his lions and he didnt take the time to mention that I was singing his praises in the email I sent him. that didnt seem to matter as he took it as I was attacking him.   Anyway im so done with PB. But in turn,  im glad theres people like Andrew Reid who can see when hes jumping down someones throat for having the audacity to disagree with him...     Neil
  6. I heard on another site that this hack has improved the moire and aliasing coming out of the camera? Anyone confirm this? 
  7. Not much has been said on the 5d II? I take it the inside tech of the mk III makes this more feasible?   Unfortunately alot of us are still on the 5d MK II as we didnt feel the need to upgrade to the Mk III. I wonder what the chances are of the Mk II doing everything the Mk III can?    I guess my question is this still a possibility for 24fps RAW on the Mk II or has attention now been moved to the Mk III?   either way I would never buy a mk III  (from a filming perspective not photography) as thats money better spent on a BMC.
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