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  1. Thanks for your answer Hans! If i unscrew the front retainer ring, is there a risk to mess and put out of order the glasses? The lens is in near brand new condition so i'm sure it's not a grease problem, and i can almost feel that it has been locked..
  2. Hello everyone, i just bought an Hypergonar 16 from eBay (Version 6) and the focus ring seems to be locked next to infinity , (just like in the second photo). Does someone know how can i fix that? Or have i been scammed? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your answers, and what about the fungus on this one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/HYPERGONAR-CHRETIEN-BENOIST-BERTHIOT-16mm-STOP-cine-lens-anamorphic-objectif-/301488777197?hash=item463221a7ed&nma=true&si=tPnvnr2m0x3GXSz8zn8oACCQn2I%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Is the lens still usable? And will it be contagious for my other lenses?
  4. I've found this one but it seems to have two little fungus (look at the bottom left photography): http://www.ebay.com/itm/HYPERGONAR-CHRETIEN-BENOIST-BERTHIOT-16mm-STOP-cine-lens-anamorphic-objectif-/301488777197?hash=item463221a7ed&nma=true&si=tPnvnr2m0x3GXSz8zn8oACCQn2I%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Are these fungus contagious for my lens (Some people say fungus are contagious, others say No, i don't know who to believe), and also, how will that affect the image? Thanks for your answer guys..
  5. How are you guys? I'm looking for an anamorphic solution and before going crazy i'm asking for your help, i'm glued to my screen since 6pm and it's 2.30am now.. So, what is the difference between these three Hypergonar lenses: -Hypergonar Hi fi 2 (the biggest and maybe the best in term of optical quality ?) -Hypergonar mini STOP 2x ( 6 versions of this one exist but really little informations are available ) http://www.ebay.fr/itm/H-Chretien-MINI-Hypergonar-2x-anamorphic-tags-Hi-Fi-2-Kowa-Bolex-Moller-Eiki-/141764347598 -Hypergonar Baby 1.75x (The tiniest) In term of "character", Minimum focus distance, Flare (Blue or Gold), ease of use. What accessories do i have to buy for each solution? (Diopter, clamp).. I will shoot on a Full frame camera, probably on analog slr. I need the most "dramatic feeling" possible.. Does the 2x bokeh differs a lot from the 1.75x one? Thanks in advance all, The bottle has been thrown in the ocean, i can now take some rest now..
  6. I just have a question concerning the "anamorphic", i'm just learning about that, but didn't get everything.. Is it a lens or an adaptator?   If both exist, which configuration is the best? "anamorphic lens" or "anamorphic adaptator + Zeiss lens (or other good lens)"?
  7. Real talk, but i also agree with Andrew.. Any look can be achieved with Raw, film look too.. I'm just waiting for a stable version of ML and a Hoodman card 1000x.. And then, i'll make my own test, with cinematography grade (play with curves, saturation and add some film grain..), i'm pretty sure that results will be incredibly amazing..
  8.     Hello Miguel, so according to you, there is a "huge difference" between the 14bits raw from the 5d sensor and the f35? According to your explanation, it seems to be, but in the field, things don't are a bit more "complex" ? I mean, with a good post prod, you can make your 5d 14bits raw footage whatever you want am i wrong? I've seen some f35 footages, looks as appealing as hell, really more "filmic" than what has been achieved with the 5d.. But again, with a good post prod, isn't it possible to achieve almost the same look?
  9. Hello, really good review..   So, what are your hopes about seeing a real 2K raw @24 fps? By real i mean not only 10 seconds of raw, but a continuous recording? And if you think it can't happen, what is the maximum you think we'll can have (at least 1mn would be great)..   Have a nice day all!
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