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  1.   That Eiki might make a nice little toy, presuming it goes cheap and not at the Buy it Now price this guy's asking over here. The scant information on it would suggest it has a maximum focusing distance of no more than 5ft, perhaps even with mis-calibration out of the equation. Perhaps with an achromat on the front, we'd have ourselves a great alternative for extreme close-ups?
  2. Ha ha, I gathered that from another thread, but I honestly thought you'd have sold them all by now, Tony. I'm using your awesome clamps, however. Either way, that's good to know and I'm a happy lobster.
  3. Sorry guys, the Tokina +0.4 is on its way to me now, going on the end of my Kowa. Just getting into Anamorphic, been waiting months for one of these to show up and was *this* close to buying tferradans' entire Kowa collection (see his other thread) just to get my hands on a +0.5. My GH2 will be very happy, as will my BMC MFT... when it finally arrives.
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