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  1. Hi Andrew, Some questions which could be helpful please: 1. Will it make a difference if you use GH4 with Metabones Nikon G to BMCC or the Normal Metabones Nikon G to M4/3? 2. Whats the difference you get if you use full frame Nikon Lenses? 3. Can Nikon Lenses with Electronic Aperture be used (like the Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VR) and work with the GH4 + Meta bones adapter? would they work? Sorry for all the questions but I want to to the maths well before committing to new hardware :) Thanks
  2. I'm selling my Kowa for Bell & Howell 2x Anamorphic Lens, with it a helios 44-2 and Adapter + Rings. I bought this exactly 1 year ago from a flickr user in UK. Since than I never got the chance to use it in any video I did. I want to sell because I it's gathering dust, and would use from the money now as i'm planning to buy the BMCC and it would vignette on it.    The lens has some slight wear on the rear element (bought like that), but it does not affect the image in anyway as they are far on the sides. Front Element in excellent condition, some outside wear due to the
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