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  1. Great review, and love this site. I'm a filmmaker who is new to the DSLR world but I'm loving my GH3. However for the life of me, I can't get the wifi file transfer to work using my macbook pro. I'm pretty geeky when it comes to OSX and all things Mac, and even I can't figure it out. Nor, does it seem, has any single other person on the planet. I have scoured the web for weeks looking for just one person who has reported success and/or posted a "how to" with file transfer to a mac over wifi. The latest firmware update was supposed to "fix" this, but so far... nothing. Has ANYONE out there actually figured this out? Seems crazy that something so simple - and something that was "fixed" - is still so under reported and impossible to use? Otherwise, however, this is one amazing camera.
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