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  1. Interesting...I wonder if you should get that lens (10-30mm?) checked.  We have 2 V1s and a V2 all with that lens, plus the 30-110 and 18.5 and haven't noticed any significant purple fringing   According to slrgear, there is "some slight chromatic aberration of note when using this lens, but it's really only apparent in the corners" Overall, their conclusion was "The Nikon 10-30mm Æ’/3.5-5.6 VR really surprised us - for its small size and weight, it produces excellent photographs."
  2. I've created a few small clips from the V2 30 fps burst mode by importing the .nef files directly into FCPX and then assigning a duration of 1 frame to each. I then create a compound clip from the result which can be easily edited. What I don't know is if I'm losing quality with this approach - comments? Another approach I've tried is to create an .mov with an app called Time-Lapse. It imports .nef files and exports an .mov file with a variety of frame rates and resolutions. It also allows for non-interactive modifications to the files (exposure, etc).
  3. That was my concern too when I got my V2 but according to DXOmark testing the low-light performance is paradoxically slightly better than the V1, although overall scores for the V2 were lower than the V1 (based on poorer scores for color depth and dynamic range). Nikon must have worked some magic to get improved low light scores - it's a pity they didn't apply those improvements to the 10mp sensor. See V2 vs V1 comparison: http://www.dxomark.com/index.php/Publications/DxOMark-Reviews/Nikon-1-V2-review-Evolution-stasis-or-regression/Comparisons As YouFirstEye mentions, I always try to keep it under ISO 800
  4. What would you say the minimum software/hardware requirements are to process 4K video? I have a Macbook Pro 15" Retina but so far have only processed 1080 video with Aperture/iMovie. I've seen several workflows on this thread but most seem to involve fairly high-end software...just wondering if its possible to get a start with something less expensive. I have a V1 and a V2. Thanks Ken
  5. noticed something about a Wifi adaptor... The WU-1b ($60) provides a WiFi connection for a V2 (but not the V1) to Android or iPad/iphone via a free app. It does allow you to view what the camera sees on your remote device and to take single photos (no burst mode) and optionally to sloowly download them to your device. Works at up to 30 to 40ft range. Cannot change camera settings remotely.
  6. Yes, it looks like a cool camera, however they're different. JVC is fixed lens (37-374mm equivalent for stills), 1/2.3" (smaller) sensor, JPG output (no RAW), 130 frames at 60fps or 100 at 30fps (2.1 and 3.3sec respectively). Does have 300fps 640x480 slow mo that can run for about 2hours which is very cool. Advantage of having a smaller sensor - less data to process. http://camera.jvc.com/
  7.     The only exceptions I've found are 3rd party lenses with vibration reduction. For example, when I mount my Sigma 150-500 I get a message that a lens is required to take pictures :)
  8. I've used my V1 hooked up directly to a Questar telescope (through the FT1 adapter) and it handled exposure metering. Focus is manual, however.
  9. For those planning to shoot multiple burst clips with little or no cool-down, you might run into overheating issues. I just returned from 3 weeks in Thailand. Shooting a combination of stills and normal HD video with a V2 and noticed that the camera was getting quite hot. Had shot 17 short video clips (total 6.5 minutes - well under the 20min max) over a 23 minute period when the camera shut down. It wasn't cooling off very quickly (ambient air about 35C (95F)) so I held a dampened handkerchief against the left (hottest) side and was able to resume shooting after 6 minutes. My wife's V1 also got quite hot but she was shooting stills only and the V1 didn't shut down. We were in the shade at the time. Videos were 1080 30p. I realize it's not really comparable - 6.5 min of video is 390 seconds, so that's a lot of burst mode. If you're in a hot climate, working in the sun, get the white model :).
  10. I'm new here, but as I have both a V1 and a V2 thought I should comment. The V2 buffers 40 frames vs 30 for the V1. Number of files is independant of file size. Max. resolution JPEG + RAW or min JPEG only are the same. Exposure and focus determined by the first frame. Recent F-mount lenses can be used at 60fps but center point focus only. Full exposure and continuous focus is possible at up to 15fps on the V2 with native lenses. There is now an f/1.8 18.5mm (equivalent to 50mm for 35mm) available and an f/1.2 32mm supposed to be coming out next month.
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