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  1. I'm curious, are there any other cameras that are capable of high rez raw burst modes? Exciting times!
  2. That's great! Thank you! Quick question. Since it's a 40 image buffer, does this mean you can select the 30fps burst and still fill up the full 40? Or would it only reach to 30 and stop? In other words, could I shoot in 30 burst mode and get 1.5 seconds at 24p? That aside, here's another quick video. Some of the shots actually play through twice. In some instances, a heavily cropped shot is played in reverse, duplicated, followed by an identical shot in full view playing forward. Neat little way to get the most out of a take. 720p : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2276112/4K-IN-VEGAS.mp4 Vimeo SD http://vimeo.com/62302567
  3. Thanks for the update! I might get a v2 as well, 40 is definitely an improvement. This thing is so much fun to use.
  4. Finally got mine! Threw this together in 10 minutes in AE. JUMP. Twixtored, burst at 60. https://vimeo.com/62191830 Here's a quick snapshot of the raw in comparison to the final output.
  5. This camera is incredible. 4K Raw for $200, even at 1 second burst, is silly not to have for creative use. This will be great for my work. Imagine having several of these on set. Can't wait to shoot my next car commercial with a few of these. Download the original and look at how clean it is. Potentially turn 1 second into 5-6 which is more than enough for a shot by cropping and/or time stretching or even using 2 of these cams back to back. Easy. https://vimeo.com/61906812 download original. Look at the dynamic range - that's the power of raw.
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