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    BMCC 4K Gets 50/60i?

  2. Finally I got my BMCC with MFT mount! At last. After just half a year of waiting. Was it worth the hassle? I think so. Shot a lot of blue hour stuff getting used to the camera - after a quick review image quality seems to be outstanding, as I did hope and expect. Here's a hint for MFT users: Get a Novoflex adaptor for your APS-C lenses and larger, pick a model with integrated aperture ring. That way many lenses without aperture ring become fully usable manually operated lenses (applies to some bayonet types only, e.g. Pentax). I have been able to test 5D3 raw before. Image quality is very
  3. Awesome images, awesome landscape. The amount of detail captured that way is still outstanding.
  4. Frankly, I consider the BMD statement outrageous (personally still waiting for the BMCC MFT). They're making fools of their customers. I believe this is some deliberate and historically bad marketing crap like "we must make people talk about the product, then we take the pre-orders, then we see how big the demand probably is, then we check who might manufacture our stuff" [ ... ] I mean: They must be kidding. "We are on schedule. It will be July." "July means end of July." "End of July, yes, then we are done with our tests, but, well, production is another thing." "End of July, that is, can
  5. The CVP message is very sad news. Personally, I'm still waiting for the BMCC with MFT mount. And waiting, and waiting. Sometimes a thought crosses my mind that would fit into a possible second "trickle-to-the-dealers" scenario: What if some parts of BMCC cameras were supposed to be manufactured in the infamous special economic area of North Korea? The whole period of BM's supply problems coincides with the shutdown of Korean political relations. Sounds somewhat absurd, but still... Maybe it's just a silly guess to entertain myself in the BMCC waiting lounge.
  6. I don't mean to offend anyone. Just my personal opinion - exactly what jgharding expresses vividly. I connect that to the lenses in question because it's again a retro look. 70s wallpaper and all that. I personally don't want to focus on a special look anymore while capturing the images (well knowing that some things can't be done in post). Visual fashion has that mentioned ultra-short half-life, and I believe the look should be determined by the story. Being consequent that would mean a 70s look would require a story somehow connected to the 70s in the widest sense. Sounds probably narrow-min
  7. My opinion this time: Pseudo-artsy-fartsy stuff, very short half-life. The eternal apple and telco advertising style. Can't stand it anymore. Some guitar, some look-how-we-sit-beneath-the-trees-with-beards-and-remember-the-sixties-whatever-vocals... Rule: If it's in the commercials, it's already dead.
  8. An image taken from raw burst mode 30fps, slightly different focal length, again not altered except standard raw conversion and downsampling to a width of 1920 pixel for comparison. As you would expect: Much more detail, somewhat impressive considering the tiny lens. And nothing dangling from the crane, must have been a window reflection or something.
  9. Have a look at this still image from *video mode* ( = not 4K burst, just 1920x1080 30p). Shot with Nikon 1 lens 30-100mm at F11 with a circular polarization filter. ISO 800, I believe. This image is taken directly from the unaltered video file, not sharpened. (Copy URL from gallery and view in new browser tab to see full resolution.) I think even the video mode offers fine detail on par with DSLRs much more expensive, hardly any compression artefacts. The glowing spot right of the crane is something reflective hanging from the crane, it's not a sensor or lens thing. The mountains are about 1
  10. I wanted to say a big thank you for this post I came across accidentally. If the camera works as described - I guess it does - it will help me out a lot even with this tiny second it records. Delivery expected tomorrow. Considered a few minutes if I'm mad to order that thing. We will see, but I'm optimistic!
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