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  1. I have the GH4 and I cannot find anywhere 2 settings for sharpness like Andrew said in the review.
  2. Is it just me or the NR High setting actually results in more grainy video ? I tested this at ISO 1600. Can anyone confirm this ?   And about 50i 24 setting, I've run some tests, and the video shot at 50i is more clean, not by much but it is visible. However, at least on my RX100 this settings gives me weird looking video, any motion has some kind of staccato effect or how's called. Played on OS X on Movist, Quicktime, VLC. Playd on Windows Media Player. Played on Windows Media Center trough a Full HD LED TV at 50Hz. Loaded in Premiere CS 6, export to progressive 25p quicktime mov but still, motion looks weird to me. The motion is not fluid, everything moving looks like it's leaving trails or something. The 50p settings looks soooo smooth.
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