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  1. Thanks, it makes sense. I forgot about reflections, as the sun was on the opposite direction I never thought the shaddow would hit the scene. But you are right. Thank you.
  2. People should be less worry about Tarantino films and start worrying about the increasing propaganda in Hollywood movies. This Oscars were a show about that. Michelle Obama giving the speech on the best film, everybody looking up to the giant screen while she talked about how great films they were.   I don't care for violence on the movies, I care about political propaganda and mindwashing.
  3. I've been reading the blog for a long time and love it. All the information is always very professional and is very helpful. Despite that, I have just logged in. I have a question about the B-roll video. At 10:40 two men holding a black screen run behind the cameraman. Can anybody tell me what  is that for? I'm really curious, I've seen it in other behind the scenes videos but never found out what it was. Thank you.
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