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  1. I took 1DC last December for $4700 in great condition. That's my camera for a lo-o-ong time, I hope.
  2. Andrew, nice to hear you again. Miss your articles etc. Try, write and publish. We'll discuss. Next year is gonna be full of new equip, so we'll have something to discuss. eoshd forever!
  3. 7D2 will not have fully-articulated lcd. - 1 (and no touchscreen) And I think it won't have output 3,5mm jack - 2 It will be more still camera than video one.  imho   To shoot RAW you should know enough about color correction, so the post-production and editing processes become more longer. Even turning on Cinema-style preset in camera makes you work more in post-production. It's another step to prof shooting and colorizing with editing. Do all DSLR-videographers know about colorizing? I saw editors worked with colors on footages from 7D... They even keyed! It was horrible!    So the main thing in 70D is AF combined with Touchscreen. Let's see what they've done for us.  Having 5D3 I need just this as a second camera for videos. Till than... Followfocus and rigs are our best friends))
  4. Well. We can see first footage from BMCC 4K on July, right? 
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