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  1. Thank you very much! I think slrhut it will be my choice
  2. In one week i will be on uk for two weeks. Does anyone knows the cheapest price that i can find the a6300 in uk?
  3. Hi there... I have a preety low budget and i want to buy a camera mainly for video. Now i have the d7100 and its a pain to work with (no apeture in live view bad fixed pattern noise and no exposure indication or histogram). Im thinking to buy a new camera and im between the gx80 and the g7. Will the cinelike profiles of the g7 makes big difference to the nailed down neutral of gx80 in terms of dynamic range? Which one is better option and why? I live in greece and there is no store near with these cameras in stock to go and test them. I will appriciate any help. And sorry for my english.
  4. Must be suberb to get RAW from D7100 sensor!!! If the raw output it's identical to stills (as ml do with 5d) must be a dream... 
  5. I can't get any close to the picture quality that you get from the d5200. I have it and i see high noise levels in dark areas and sometimes that awful horizonal fixed pattern noise, even with the picture profile that you recomment for low light... You apply any noise reduction in D5200 at your tests ? I'll apreciate if you reply ... Thanks in advance :)
  6. Greetins there, Andrew first of all i would like to say a thanks for all the amazing stuff here... I have the D5200 and i want to ask how do you get this clean image with no banding from D5200??? I'm shooting with the picture profile settings that you recommend, after in premiere i add the "Levels" Filter and i lift the "(RGB) Black Outpout level". And the banding is still there in dim exposed areas .... I'm doing something wrong? Thanks!
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