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  1. Andrew are you aware of any kit in the works to protect that micro-HDMI port when connected, short of buying their $2000 "breakout" brick? The mini-HDMI port on Canon DSLRs has been that line's achilles heel and mini is a lot stronger that "micro". The wrong pressure on this area can break the PCB and destroy the camera, so the solution needs to be as near bullet-proof as possible. Plus not impede any rigging options. Anything?
  2. @Olly P Never used one. Where in particular did it fail you?
  3. A very useful first half, Andrew, thank-you. Do you suppose the micro-hdmi port will hold up for cabling to an external monitor? Are you familiar with the Wooden cage and its optional clamps for the side ports? Tell me this toy-like tinyness is not an achilles heel, set my mind at ease...
  4. Andrew once you've had a chance to use this gizmo with the Shuttle a little more, I'd be very interested whether you would rank it over or on a par with, the 5D3 for paid video work where IQ is paramount, and the slight delay-causing inconvenices of the cheaper camera would not be so important. Something to fill in until the BMCC comes along -- if it ever does! -- and leaving photography to the 6D.
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