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  1. I just bought a d5200 and the lack of control over aperture is making me think it's going back. I've been driving myself crazy trying to change the aperture without the shutter speed changing automatically with no luck so far. Also how can this camera have no touch screen? I think its missing too many basic features to waste $800 when I can get a GH3 for 400 more and gain a headphone jack, better battery life and control over my camera again.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply and the information Andrew.  I love this forum!
  3. I've decided that whatever camera I buy to replace my stolen GH2 must have the ability to take a speed booster either now or in the future.  Given that requirement what are my options?  I had been really excited about the d5200 until I was told that it would never be compatible with a speed booster due to its mount.  Let's say I'm looking at a max for now of $1500 usd for the body,  What are my options?  I love the idea of buying one set of glass that I can use with different bodies and I plan to invest in a FS100 within the next 9-12 months.
  4. I would like to know if anyone has an answer to this question as well.  I could shoot until a card filled up even with a hbr hack on my GH2.  I'm looking for the same kind of flexibility in this camera or the GH3 looks to be perhaps a better option; especially considering the difference in lens choices and cost. I have another question considering the metabones speed booster.  Is there a projected speed booster adapter for the f-mount this camera requires?
  5. Now I'm confused! This d5200 footage and some other tests on persona view look really really good. I had a GH2 with the 14-140 that was stolen last week so I'm in the market for a new camera. I was looking at the GH3, used A77 and maybe even breaking the bank and moving into FS100 or AF100 as I eventually want to invest in a camcorder. I mostly do low light music performances, in controlled environments but sometimes standing on a speaker in the middle of a crowd. Budget is a huge issue right now so I'm leaning toward replacing my GH2 with another good Dslr and saving for the camcorder with proceeds from using the Dslr. Now that the background is out of the way, what do you think is a good direction to go? I don't know much about nikon glass and I'm not sure what my total cost will be once I kit out a camera with enough lenses to get me going. I still have a 25mm f1.4 pan lens. I'm really looking to buy a camera now that will allow me to get superb low light video now and share as many lenses as possible with a FS100 or whatever is out 6-7 months from now when I'm ready to make that investment.
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