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  1. downloaded the original file from vimeo.  It's 10Mbits/sec H264, and it shouldn't look that bad in the darks and the macroblocking garbage.
  2. This is all so amazing. Now, if there was only an amazing GH3 review...
  3. So that means that when we hear "Uncompressed 4:2:2," like in the 5200, or "Uncompressed 4:2:0," like for the GH3, there is then a level of compression to get it to this color space.  I think I'm following this. That's just the color information. And it means we're really not getting Uncompressed, we're not getting all the pixel data, and of course we're not b/c the camera has to downscale the image from the 4k or 5k or whatever size image to HD size, so that's a level of compression. So does anyone know what other kinds of compression, like to the detail of the image, happens before i
  4. @QuickHitRecord Pretty sure what you're seeing isn't the result of the color space, it's the result of the massive overall bitrate increase going from H264 to ProRes.  Detail and clarity come from bitrate increase, color data change is more hard to discern.
  5. Hi Andrew, 2 questions about the HDMI out:   1. how are you testing to verify it is uncompressed 422 2. you're recording it onto the hyperdeck shuttle 2, so is there a PSF problem like on the FS100 when recording at 1080p?   Thanks very much Jason
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