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  1. Hi, first of all sorry for my bad english. In pure math terms the SB doesn't change the DOF but that's not important. The DOF depends on the distance from the subjet too so because the speedbooster changes the field of view , you must approach from the subject to have the same shot you would have without the speedbooster. It means that, actually, you have a shallower DOF. (this questions has been answered many times on BMC and on EOShd i think)
  2. Hey Andrew, i wanted to know if the price drop will hit the European market too, because 1995 USD is 1500 Euros but i don't see this price point in any online stores... does anyone know something about that?
  3. I hope i will not regret buying the gh3...
  4. Hi,i bought the gh3 two weeks ago to replace my 7d, you think i should sell my gh3 and buy a d5200 instead ? Is The extra IQ worth it?
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