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  1.   The main determining factor limiting the cheapest SSDs from reliably performing multiple-thousands of load-&unload or write-and-re-write-cycles is the manufacturing structure strength of the integrated memory-circuitry.   Currently the only viable option for the BMCC to allow for a truly exponential boost in reliability for literally thousands and thousands of full capacity write-and-re-write-cycles would be the exceptionally affordable (and reliable) 34nm Flash memory-equipped SSDs from Mushkin, such as these here: Mushkin E
  2. @EOSHD: Andrew, I just registered to tell you that the D3200-sensor is defenitely NOT Sony-fabbed, but Renesas-fabbed.   Source: I posted a inquiry about this here: http://image-sensors-world.blogspot.de/2013/01/toshiba-enters-dslr-market.html?showComment=1357745716283 and got the reply from the folks from Chipworks who analyzed the D3200-sensor and identified it as Renesas-fabbed, quote: " Nikon D3200 is a Nikon designed Renesas fabbed sensor with NC81369R die marking see http://www.chipworks.com/blog/technologyblog/2012/10/23/full-frame-dslr-cameras-part-1-nikon-vs-sony"
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