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  1.  these look as if you've got either the Kowa or the prime focused incorrectly.

    I agree. It takes some time to get used to focusing both lens correctly.

    I use following technique: for close-ups I just focus both lenses all the way down and fine tune via taking lens focus.

    For focusing on far objects everything is vice versa, except for fine tuning is done again with taking lens.

    For inbetween distances I try to focus both lenses on approximately same distances basing on focusing marks on 'em.


    Wish you luck and lots of patience while practicing.

  2. Thank you! This was shot in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.


    I used canon 5d mark III and shot through 135mm lens wide open, f\2.8 to be exact.

    I tried to ude it with canon 50mm 1.2 and due to VERY small back diameter of kowa, I experienced quite serious vignetting. So, my conclusion is: 100mm and larger focal lenth lens for full frame use only.

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