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  1. DSLRs shoot video, that makes them suitable for shooting video. A headphone jack does not affect the cameras ability to shoot video. Simply being able to shoot video does not make something a video camera. The iphone shoots video, does that make it a video camera? (Hint: The answer is no). The 7dmk2 is a stills camera. It was designed with stills in mind. You CAN use it for video, but video is not its primary function. Video is is not the primary function because it is not a video camera. It is a camera that coincidentally shoots video. How difficult is this to understand?
  2. Canons own advertising puts photography first. The primary focus of the advertisement is photography. The camera is not being marketed at sole videographers. It is being marketed to photographers that also do videography. You can use a DSLR as a video camera just like you can use a screwdriver as a hammer. That doesn't make the DSLR a video camera any more than the screwdriver is a hammer.
  3. From the very interview this thread was created to discuss: The 7dmk2 is a stills camera that happens to take video. It was designed primarly for still photography. It is not a video camera. It was not designed as a video camera. It is not intended to be used as a video camera. It is a stills camera that happens to include a video feature. Out of the 18 paragraphs in Canons press release for the 7dmk2, exactly two of them were dedicated to video. If you want video features, buy a video camera. Don't buy the wrong tool for the job then complain it doesn't do the job correctly.
  4. The Vixia is a video camera. The 7dmk2 is a stills camera. Would you complain that a geo metro doesn't come with a fifth wheel hitch?
  5. The fact that this question was asked makes me very seriously question the intelligence of the consumer market, and I didn't have much confidence in their intelligence to begin with. Major points for the rep not answering it with "No shit dumbass"
  6. How many of the DoPs are also the editors/colorists? They might not see the benefits because they arne't seeing the image benefits in post workflow. Image quality is not the soul factor of camera choice. Ergonomics and workflow also play big factors. Yes, RAW gives you more options in post, but with this camera it takes a lot more to get, and for some it's not worth the aditional effort.   Out of curiosity, why are you worried about what other DoPs are doing? The most important opinion to you should be your own.
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