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  1. I would love to see how IBIS does with mechanically adapted zooms. I've got a bunch of Nikon mount zooms, which won't report focal length to the camera. So for instance a 70-200 with the IBIS set for 135mm - how does it do in the middle of the zoom range vs the opposite ends? And is it worth investing in slower FE zooms to take advantage of five axis, or stick with my 2.8 zooms and only get three axis?
  2. Call me crazy, but the only firmware update that I really need or want is the ability to use focus magnification while recording. IMHO it's the final frontier of usability for the GH4.
  3. A con to add to the list would be "no headphone jack". Such a small addition makes the GH3 a lot more usable for documentary shooting. For some people, it could make the extra cost worth it.
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