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  1. Little update: Metabones support did email me back and said that they don't support this lens. THey where willing to accept me returning the lens, which is pretty cool. However, I found that Sigma has a 17-50mm 2.8 stabilized as well.. plus it already has a 77m ring, perfect for variable ND. I tried it and it works! Plus the stabilization is way more quiet, the Tamron was too loud, the mic picked it up. The zoom control on the Sigma is much smoother, the focus throw is much too short for focus though, gonna take some time to get used to it. And its it reverse direction.. but overall way happy
  2. Hi, I've been trying to find an answer online, but no help found.. Metabones didn't write me back. I connected the speedbooster to my GH4 and then i just got a newly purchased Tamron 17-50mm and it just doesn't work? Image stabilization does, but no control over the iris. THere is no manual, i don'T know what the wheel does, the info i find on metabones talks about NEX cameras.. i'm at a loss, will it work with this lens? Help please. thank you jm ~
  3. Dear Andrew, first off, thank you for all the info you share. I purchased this wonderful camera based primarily on your reviews. I love the body, never owned an Olympus so getting used to its user interface. but love all the features it has. I'm primarily a filmmaker and i don't shoot much with my kit anymore, so i sold of my Canon DSLR to a friend and got this camera because its compact and weather proof, so i can take it with me on shoots and not just rely on my iphone. its perfect for that! But also great for handheld video. Any little gigs, free gigs i may do for friends, this camera w
  4. Thank you Andrew.. your reviews are so thorough at to the point. Much appreciated.
  5. Thank you for such a thorough review Andrew.. i've been waiting for your analysis before i commit to purchasing my next camera this helps a lot!
  6. I agree with your conclusion. I'm happy to have seen it in 2D/24fps as i'm sure the 3D would have bugged me out after a short while. It isn't suited for the storytelling and i think storytelling is what they forgot about.. How to best tell the story of the hobbit. But perhaps 12 year old kids would love it, but 2:45 running time seems long for kids. Too bad, lost opportunity... where as perhaps the next TRON in 48fps 3D would be fantastic.. as long as it has a good story. Story Story Story. 
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